Cannes Lions | Film Grand Prix, Titanium, 2x Gold, 2x Silver, 2x Bronze
D&AD | Black Pencil, 2x Yellow, 2x Graphite

One Show | Best of Film, 6x Gold, Silver, Bronze
Clios | Super Clio, Gold, Bronze
ANDYs | 3x Gold
Effies | Grand Effie, 2x Gold

It's a Tide Ad | Super Bowl LII

Whenever you see clean clothes, well, that's a Tide ad.

I got to chat with Little Black Book about how we made Tide the most loved brand in the Super Bowl. You can read about it here.

Case Study


We ran a new spot each quarter, to keep America guessing: "Is this a Tide ad?"

There was even a Tide Ad within a Tide Ad when you called the insurance company.

Director: TRAKTOR