World Wildlife Fund

It only takes a few taps to download an app. What if that’s all it takes to save a life?

Show Script

Our planet is taken for granted every day. What happens when it starts to get taken away?

[Blue] Hey!
[Blue] I think my phone is messed up? Some of my emojis don't work idk
[Grey] umm just click the globe
[Blue] No I know but I can’t likeee click my nature ones
[Grey] wait wtf those are gone for me too!!

WWF is teaming up with Apple to give a digital glimpse into an all-too-real future.

For 72 hours, wildlife emojis will go extinct, only to be saved with Endangered Emojis, a 99¢ download in the App Store.

[Blue] Boom! Got em back! *Shark*
[Grey] OMG there’s a shark now?!?!?!
[Blue] and a *sloth*!! 
[Blue] There’s a bunch of new ones!
[Grey] yesss *bottle pop*

Contributors also get 50 new emojis, encouraging donations past the initial 72 hours.

A 99¢ purchase doesn’t make an impact on one person’s day, but from a whole generation it can make an impact. These donations can change the lives of endangered animals and give them the chance for a future.

Design: Paige Solomon

Co-Copywriter: Lesley Scheuermann