Zara Green

Fast-fashion breeds waste. 
Low prices and quick trends lead to closets full of neglected items. What if this waste weren't wasted? Zara Green is a simple solution to fast-fashion’s sustainability problem.


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Fast-fashion breeds waste. What if this waste weren’t wasted?

Zara Green offers gently used items at discounted prices; and rewards reuse by exchanging Zara credit for the neglected items in your closet.

Clothes are evaluated to be resold on or recycled. Either way, you receive credit for clothes you no longer wear.

Zara Green rewards reuse and reduces waste, while keeping you looking you best.


#Zaradaily posts with a green mark feature Zara Green outfits. 


Send a snap of your Zara product and receive an estimate of its value.

Website and Online Shopping

Zara Green is designed to give shoppers an experience identical to purchasing a new item.

Art Direction: Kory Brocious